One Armed Paper Hanger

Or "The new adventures of an amputee skydiver."

One Armed Paper Hanger

Chapter One – January 17th, 2016

My Left Arm

So, okay…I was on my way home on a Sunday night after watching the Denver Broncos kick some butt.  It was icy however, being a former taxi driver it was nothing new to me.  Around a curve I hit a patch of “black ice” and lost control of my car…I remember nothing else.  If I had died I can’t tell you of being drawn towards the light, there was none.  My faith is strong however, I only know blackness.

My eyes opened and I remember blinking, adjusting my vision to find a tiled ceiling above me.  It took me some time to realize I was in the hospital but, if I was, how did I get here and where was everyone?

Nothing made sense.  All I knew was that my left arm hurt.  I began to feel my shoulder then slowly moved my right hand down my left arm and stopped; I realized that my left arm was gone, above the elbow.  I wanted to scream “Who gave permission to amputate my arm?!”  Yet the pain was indescribable and all I wanted was to wake up from this terrible nightmare however, it wasn’t to be.

I withdrew inside of myself and yelled at God “How could you do this to me?!”  Tears welled in my eyes and slid down my cheeks.  A guttural scream built up inside me and I choked it down.  I mourned the loss of my left arm.  Being a “leftie” was very important to me as I always felt I was in a special club.  Now that club was lost to me and I was left handicapped, bitter and alone.

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