One Armed Paper Hanger

Or The new adventures of an amputee skydiver.

One Armed Paper Hanger


I have been “off the grid” since last Thursday when FJohn Reinke returned to New Hampshire. I’ve been busy with my girls, Evangeline Byrne, (my pregnant daughter) Brianne and Bird-a Dette (my feathered friends) and the gym with my girlfriend Shirl…oh, and the season finale of The Walking Dead. I just received a text from Fjohn that Louis, a lovely bulldog of a friend of mine has passed away. He shared many a football game with us at the American Legion devouring our pizza crusts and drooling all over us. Hope you find your way to Anthony Senopole, Zue-Zue and Leona as you’ll be taken care of by all of them and enjoy the splendors of Heaven in every way. R.I.P. Louis as we will miss you during football season and always.

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