One Armed Paper Hanger

Or The new adventures of an amputee skydiver.

One Armed Paper Hanger
Sandra Freed soloed Sandra Freed: First major triumph since the accident, my first solo as an amputee! Today at 10:52 I took off after many hours of retraining, the flight was only 30 minutes, but was thrilling for me. This proves that just because we lose limbs does not mean we lose freedom! # – # – […]

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VIDEO: “On being an amputee” On being an amputee … … # – # – # – # – # 

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Chapter One – January 17th, 2016

My Left Arm So, okay…I was on my way home on a Sunday night after watching the Denver Broncos kick some butt.  It was icy however, being a former taxi driver it was nothing new to me.  Around a curve I hit a patch of “black ice” and lost control of my car…I remember nothing […]

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