One Armed Paper Hanger

Or "The new adventures of an amputee skydiver."

One Armed Paper Hanger

I have been “off the grid” since last Thursday when FJohn Reinke returned to New Hampshire. I’ve been busy with my girls, Evangeline Byrne, (my pregnant daughter) Brianne and Bird-a Dette (my feathered friends) and the gym with my girlfriend Shirl…oh, and the season finale of The Walking Dead. I just received a text from […]

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© 2017 Anna Marie Henno All Rights Reserved

© 2017 Anna Marie Henno All Rights Reserved I’ve been told that some bozo might “steal” my  stuff. Verbatim. And, pass it off as his own. (I can write a neat cease and desist letter patterned after what the RIAA sends out. But what a bother.) Not that I think these are any great pearls […]

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True & Co

MY REVIEW OF TRUE & CO: Since losing my left dominant arm in a car accident one year ago I have been on a relentless search for a bra that I could use independently. (Try and hook a normal bra with one hand…Impossible!) Once I saw your advertisements I was intrigued and ordered two of […]

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